Application of metal laser cutting machine in kitchen industry

  Metal laser cutting machine equipment kitchen equipment cutting application: due to the continuous improvement of social living standards, consumers have put forward more requirements for the appearance quality and style of products, the traditional cutting method has obviously failed to meet the modern market demand, and the emergence of metal laser cutting machine, its high-quality cutting effect, brings a new dawn for the enterprise.



  The advantages of laser cutting technology can not only promote the rapid development of enterprises, but also create huge profits for enterprises. At the same time, its high-quality cutting effect brings high-quality product returns to consumers. With the growth of laser cutting machine enterprises and the maturing of the market, the trend of laser cutting machine brand concentration is gradually showing. In the process of China's rapid economic development, the speed of industrial development is more obvious. In the process of industrial development, the importance of processing technology in the industry is gradually reflected. As a more advanced processing technology, laser cutting technology has a positive role in promoting the development of the whole industry, not only from its development prospects, but also the importance of application. The application of laser cutting technology not only improves the working efficiency of processing, but also makes the process more exquisite.

  This means that the laser cutting machine has the potential of landing on the beach in the mold industry, and a large number of cakes are waiting for the laser cutting machine to seize. The design and manufacturing of the cabinet industry has gradually changed from large batch, simple design, long production cycle to small batch of fine and rapid processing. Mechanical and electrical cabinet manufacturers have to reform from the traditional cutting process.

  Metal laser can not only meet the advanced cutting needs, but also reduce the waste of materials in the manufacturing industry and accelerate the production cycle. The application of metal laser cutting machine saves a lot of production cost and creates a more efficient production cycle for the mechanical and electrical cabinet manufacturing industry. When cutting thick plates at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the incision under the vertical laser beam, but will spray out at the back of the laser beam. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge, and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, reducing the feed rate at the end of cutting can greatly eliminate the formation of lines. Generally speaking, the cutting width does not affect the cutting quality. Only when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the part, the cutting width has an important influence. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum inner diameter of the contour. When the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting width also increases.

  Fiber laser cutting machine is a new and high technology developing trend in recent years. Compared with traditional cutting technology, it has higher laser cutting precision, lower surface roughness, higher raw material utilization rate and productivity. Especially in the meticulous laser cutting industry, laser cutting machine has incomparable advantages over traditional laser cutting.

  With the wide application of the cabinet in various industries, the requirements for its quality are becoming higher and higher. The current materials of the cabinet are all transformed into metal materials. As we all know, the metal laser cutting machine is unique for cutting metal materials. For the edge of high-tech chassis steel plate, it is required that there will be no flash, sharp edge, burr and other phenomena, and the exposed edges and corners are all processed by folding, which is not easy to scratch the hands of the loader. The positioning of each card slot is also quite accurate, which will not cause the awkward situation that the accessories cannot be installed or misplaced.

  At present, the lasers used in laser processing and manufacturing mainly include CO2 laser, YAG laser and fiber laser. Among them, high-power CO2 laser and YAG laser are widely used in confidential processing; fiber laser based on fiber has obvious advantages in reducing threshold, oscillating wavelength range, wavelength tunability and so on, which has become a new technology in laser field. At present, the cutting thickness of laser cutting machine is generally less than 25 mm. Compared with other cutting methods, the laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in cutting materials below 20 mm with accurate size.

  Laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser cutting production and processing of cold-rolled steel plate parts in the installation of part of external sheet metal parts and its complete set of electrical components in the household electrical appliance manufacturing industry. When many high-precision and personalized products required by customers need to be proofed and delivered, the use of plate shears, turret punches and plasma cutting machines can hardly meet the needs of customers, while the outsourcing processing time can not be guaranteed. When dealing with the increasingly demanding personalized needs of customers, it is quite inadequate, and many high return orders are lost.

  "The slowdown in the growth rate of machinery, automobile, household appliances and other industries has further reduced the demand for steel, coupled with overcapacity, and the steel market is in a more depressed environment. Facing the same predicament as iron and steel industry, laser cutting machine enterprises should reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness, control the output and improve the quality of laser cutting machine, and develop new laser cutting machine to tap the development potential.

  The high-power laser equipment is fast and can speed up the completion of orders, but it also needs high-power support. Some sheet metal processing manufacturers are more suitable to use high-power laser equipment. If the production capacity of the enterprise is insufficient, the use of high-power laser equipment is a bit wasteful. The use cost and maintenance cost of high-power laser cutting machine are higher, for small and medium-sized enterprises For enterprises, high-power laser equipment is not very suitable, so they need to know their own needs and the configuration of laser cutting machine manufacturers before purchasing.

  The application of metal laser cutting machine in the cabinet industry: as one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world, the development and application of metal laser processing technology are more and more extensive. The application of metal laser cutting machine in the cabinet industry not only brings higher benefits to the enterprise, but also enhances.