Daily maintenance of optical fiber handheld laser welding machine

  The daily maintenance of optical fiber hand-held laser welding machine - laser welding has always been valued. Since the second half of last year, the hand-held laser welding has gradually become popular, and has become a bright spot in the laser welding Market in the first half of this year. The hand-held laser welding machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld, fast welding speed and no consumables. It is used in thin stainless steel plate, iron plate and galvanized plate Such as metal materials welding, can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding, welding and other processes. The hand-held laser welding machine can be widely used in the complicated and irregular welding procedures of cupboard, kitchen and bathroom, stair elevator, shelf, oven, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel home and other industries.


  According to the introduction, the hand-held laser welding speed is fast, 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding. A machine can save at least 2 welders a year. After welding, the weld is smooth and beautiful, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost. The laser welding workpiece shall be free of deformation and welding scar, and the welding shall be firm. Laser welding consumables less, long life.

  How to realize the manual operation and daily maintenance of the hand-held laser welding machine?

  I. manual operation and maintenance of hand-held welding

  A. the hand-held laser welder must receive professional training, understand the purpose of system indicator light and button, and be familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge;

  B. before the operation of the hand-held laser welding machine, the inspection work wire slot shall be free of damage and exposure; the robot body, external shaft, gun cleaning station, and sundries and tools shall not be placed on the water cooler;

  C. It is strictly prohibited to place liquid objects, inflammables and operating room temperature on the control cabinet, which shall not exceed 25 ℃, without leakage.

  II. Maintenance of welding machine

  A. regularly carry out the inspection;

  B. because the welding machine is forced air-cooled, it is easy to inhale dust from the surrounding and store it in the machine. Therefore, we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to clean the dust inside the welding machine.

  C. regularly check the wiring position of power wiring.

  D. during the annual maintenance and inspection, the replacement of defective parts, the repair of the shell and the reinforcement of the deteriorated insulation parts shall be carried out.

  III. maintenance of welding gun

  A. check and replace the conducting nozzle regularly;

  B. clean and replace the spring hose regularly;

  C. inspection of insulating rings;

  The above regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding faults. Although it takes some time and energy, it can prolong the life of the welding machine, improve the efficiency of operation, ensure the performance and improve the safety of the welding machine. In addition, in the process of using the hand-held laser welding machine, the safety protection can not be ignored.