As an industry closely related to people's daily life, kitchenware industry has been constantly updated and rising in recent years. In the kitchenware processing industry, sheet metal panels are widely used in range hoods, gas appliances, kitchen top panels, large-scale commercial Kitchenware and other products. The traditional manufacturing process requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles, which take a long time, work efficiency is low and cost is high. The optical fiber laser cutting machine produced by arcane laser can reduce costs, provide work efficiency and meet the needs of the kitchen industry. With the development and progress of social economy, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and appliances. It requires not only unique appearance, but also variable and durable functions. The traditional processing methods, such as cold punching, cold cutting, plate cutting, punching and so on, pollute the environment greatly, there are many burrs in the products, and the follow-up processing is time-consuming, which can not meet the needs of customers and the market.

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