With the wide application of mechanical and electrical cabinet in various industries, the requirements for its quality are becoming higher and higher. The materials of the cabinet are now transformed into metal materials. Laser cutting machine is unique for cutting metal materials. For the edge of high-tech chassis steel plate, it is required that there will be no flash, sharp edge, burr and other phenomena, and the exposed edges and corners are all processed by folding, which is not easy to scratch the hands of the loader. The positioning of each card slot is also quite accurate, which will not cause the awkward situation that the accessories cannot be installed or misplaced. When many high-precision and personalized products required by customers need to be proofed and delivered, the use of plate shears, turret punches and plasma cutting machines can hardly meet the needs of customers, while the outsourcing processing time can not be guaranteed. When dealing with the increasingly demanding personalized needs of customers, it is quite inadequate, and many high return orders are lost.

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