China's aircrafts have covered transportation, civil aviation, amphibious and military. China is moving forward to an aviation power. Behind the rapid development of aerospace, it is the support of laser cutting technology.



  Laser cutting technology is to focus the energy into a small space, so as to obtain a high irradiation power density (105-1015w / C m2), and then use this high-density energy for non-contact, high-speed and high-precision processing.

  It is precisely because of the high precision, fast processing speed and small thermal impact of laser cutting, so it will not produce mechanical effects and other characteristics, so it has been applied in many aspects of the aeroengine manufacturing, from the air inlet to the exhaust nozzle of the aeroengine, there is a need to apply to the current laser cutting technology. The current laser cutting technology has been used to solve a number of problems such as cutting of difficult to machine materials for aeroengines, efficient machining of large-scale thin-walled parts group holes, high-precision cutting of parts' blade holes, machining of special surface parts, etc., which has greatly promoted the development of the current aerial vehicles in the direction of high performance, light weight, long life, short cycle, low cost, etc., and is now the development of the aviation industry Added a lot of momentum.

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